It is a simple question, but one with a lot of home truths. The Smart TV of today and the ones that will be developed going forward try to differentiate themselves from other manufactures and providers by showcasing all of their killer apps and must have services to the public.

However they all have one thing in common, without it they just become over priced TVs not being used to their full potential. They need good and consistent Internet Access with managed bandwidth to provide the right amount of data to each concurrent user.

With free WiFi being rolled out as an essential service to Hotels, adding more bandwidth constraint is counter productive as the service is most likely being full utilized. So where do Hoteliers go from here?

Our coLANax solution is ideally placed to meet the needs of the Hotels in their search for Guest Satisfaction, we can provide a Direct Smart TV data channel over the existing coaxial network. This has the benefit of leaving your existing WiFi network to handle its current bandwidth requirements and provide a managed and consistent Internet Access to the TV, allowing the Guest a trouble free stay.

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