All across the world, you will find amazing Hotels, housed in beautiful architecture and built many many years ago. These are adorned with Beautiful Gardens, Grand Halls and probably have the most amazing Chefs. In the UK especially, we have laws that preserve the fine qualities of these buildings, that ensure the characteristic elements which make them stand out are maintained to the standard and look at which they were originally built with. 

This provides the Guest a truly unique experience and one which should be kept and valued, and which is where the problem lies.

The Guest of today is different from the Guest that visited even 2 years ago. They want to have technology in the Guest Room that keeps and their tablets and phones connected and a TV system with more variety than 10 channels.

In the UK, before the Hotel Operator can even think about installing the necessary cables and infrastructure to support a upgrade to Guest Technology. They would need permission to make adjustments to the building. Once this is in place they then need to forecast the disruption to each room, schedule cable installers and decorators and budget the costs for the whole Hotel. 

At this point the Hotelier will go one of 3 ways.

  1. Temporarily close the Hotel and have all the work completed within a specified time frame.
  2. Keep the Hotel open and phase the installation.
  3. Postpone the upgrade.

In fact, neither of the above options are suitable to the Hotelier. The thought of shutting a Hotel sends them into a deep panic, and phasing the installation means constant noise and unhappy guests, over a longer duration. The Hotelier is likely to do 1 phase and postpone the rest, "until the next quiet period" which is probably the same time a year later - where newer technology is available and resulting in different solutions in different parts of the Hotel.

Therefore many of these Hotel rely on a single coaxial cable to provide the Guest with a basic TV signal, with little hope for implementing movies on demand or PMS integration, let alone Fixed Internet Access or WiFi. What about telephones? Well they may have an old analogue line that has been extended, then split then extended again, with performance usually crackly at best.

So what is the Solution?

Our coLANax solution allows us to deploy IP services over the coaxial cable. Transforming the Guest Room experience even in the oldest of Hotels. We are able to run:

  • IPTV
  • VoIP
  • Fixed Internet Access
  • WiFi Internet Access 

To each room with a quick and simple upgrade to each room. The barrier to upgrading Guest Room Technology has been removed by a proven and reliable solution all ready in place in many Hotels.

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