Easy WiFi?

WiFi has become so prevalent in society that we believe in its ability to support all types of communication. This is true on the small scale as we use our mobile devices to watch YouTube videos or talk on Skype with far away friends and family. But on larger scales can we trust that the bandwidth will still be available for hundreds of devices?

There is no question that when done right WiFi offers great flexibility for the Hotel Guest who is mobile and wants Internet on the move. But when you have fixed assets that are never likely to move, why compromise it?


With the new wave of Smart TVs coming into the Hotel Sector, the manufacturers are making it easier for these to be connected via WiFi, to enable additional services and streaming content. As a Hotelier looking to upgrade their TV system you may think this is "Great News!" but have you given consideration to the potential bottlenecks?

  • Does your Hotel have a fully covered WiFi deployment?
  • What capacity do you have to add more users?
  • Is your incoming Internet provision adequate enough? 
  • Can you keep the internet usage separate?

When you consider a typical Guest Hotel WiFi installation. On connection you will be redirected to a portal, this enables the provider to register Guest devices onto the WiFi network for Internet Access. Many service providers will restrict the access to the network by either bandwidth management or by limiting the amount of concurrent users, or both. Rememeber the WiFi is only as good as the area it can cover!

WiFi Woes!

In the Q3 2013 IPAS Mobile Workforce Report, it was noted that:

  • 82% of Free WiFi services are limited, slow and unreliable.
  • 81% have had a unsatisfactory experience with Hotel WiFi in the past year
  • 74% say a bad WiFi experience in a Hotel would prevent a return visit.
  • Hotel WiFi is second only to a comfy bed

With WiFi deployments in Hotels already been over subscribed, can you afford to add more bandwidth pressure? Considering the likely content of the apps on the TV, you will need dedicated Infrastructure to support the growing demand on your Guest Broadband Connection. 

No WiFi Solution Needed?

Existing TV systems looking to upgrade to Smart TVs will likely be running off a single coaxial cable. So you would be right in thinking the only way to get internet access to these Smart TVs is by using WiFi. But our new technology CoLANax paves the way for Internet Access to Smart TVs. A simple adapter behind the TV will allow you to continue your existing TV Service as well as adding an hard wired Ethernet connection directly into the Smart TV itself. 

The upgrade is smooth and painless with little disruption to the room or WiFi Service!

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