Over the years, we all have the need to stay in Hotels now and again. It could be for that special weekend away, a sporting tournament or for business.

After the initial exhilaration of  entering the Lobby and being given your key/card. You make your way up to your floor, luggage in tow, looking up and down corridors for the room with your number on.   

You take a deep breath as you open the door and survey the surrounding.

Bed.... Check!

Bathroom..... Check!

TV Remote...... Check!

Today, more than ever Guests are demanding more information about the neighbourhood and enhanced connectivity when it comes to their rooms. But without compromising the style and ambience of the surroundings.

One way to accomplish this is to provide a enhanced TV solution that can act as a portal for the guest. Allowing them to view content in addition to Freeview TV.

Stay Tuned as this week we will be bringing additional updates to the website to show how you can provide and engage with your guests using our TV Solutions. Which coupled with our enterprise grade monitoring solution offers both entertainment and reliability.