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Today Hotel Media have agreed an order for their fleet of vehicles to be fitted with Fleet Tracking by Tracker. 

Hotel Media are committed to the environment and sustainability, we feel this is the right step forward for any company wishing to achieve visions of being Carbon Neutral. 

Already as a company we have made great strides in this area. Where possible on journeys we actively encourage our engineers to use the public transport system, together with tight logistic processing.

Any business with vehicles and other assets can benefit from fleet tracking and telematics. In today’s economic climate and with rising fuel prices, businesses are working hard to improve processes and cut waste in any way they can. TRACKER’s fleet tracking systems give you the information you need to make informed decisions and improve the efficiency of your fleet, saving time, fuel and money and increasing customer satisfaction.

By implementing Tracking Technology we can take new strides to ensure our vehicles are being used as economical as possible, by monitoring driving/road conditions, plus driving attitudes and speed compliance.

In addition our vehicles will be more secure with advanced recovery built in!

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