The Technology

We use the free capacity in the coaxial network to enable high speed internet access, IPTV, VoIP and Web-TV services without the need to pull new cables.

Our technology utilizes the previously un-used frequency spectrum above the regular TV spectrum (5 - 790 MHz) in coaxial cables for data transportation. The Coax Link Controller merges the incoming data stream and TV-signal into the same cable and sends it through the coaxial network. At the other end, the signals are divided by the Coax Access Modem.

Since the data stream and TV-signal are using separate frequency spectrums, the TV signal is effectively isolated from the data stream at all times. This ensures that the TV-signal is left completely unaffected.


Channel Capacity

Free capacity within the coaxial network can be used to provide High Speed Internet Access, IPTV, VoIP and Smart TV Services.

Frequencies above those that are used for Digital TV are utilized allowing the option of using the existing TV system.

Building Capacity

The existing coaxial network requires a thorough survey to ensure all components within the infrastructure is graded to the right frequencies!

Attention is also drawn to the topography of the network to ensure the right components are in place.

The Service

1. Planning

During the site visit we listen to your requirements and survey the coaxial network for its suitability.

2. Demonstration

If the survey of your property is successful we can provide you with a working demonstration through your own coaxial network.

3. Quotation

A fully detailed quotation will be emailed to you within 48 hours of the site visit detailing the project and the costs to implement.

4. Installation

When the quotation is accepted we project manage the installation to completion.