Hotel TV


Hotel TV

Our solutions appeal to upgrade of existing installations as well as new installations. Thanks to our new technology coLANax we are able to install data services on the same coaxial cable, along side your existing TV signal! This provides new ways for the Hotelier to enhance the Guest Experience with new technology, without the need to install new cabling and costing decorating costs.

Clarity IPTV


High End IPTV solution that enables you to brand and market your Hotel to the fullest. 

Using leading equipment from Hardware vendors such as HP and Exterity, this is a solution that commands the Guest Room Experience.

Procentric TV


Excellent mid level TV solution that can accommodate your branding requirements as well as benefit from many information pages.

Centrally controlled and monitored by our Hawkeye Monitoring Solution (HMS).

Movies on Demand


Pay Per View Movies to the Guest Room!

The benefit of using our dedicated onsite storage server is you will not need to worry about broadband capacity like a streaming service would. If your guests want to view, they can!

Hawkeye Monitor


Our Hawkeye Monitoring Solution (HMS) provides the backup and support you need, when you need it.

Your Hotel will be monitored 24/7/365 each year and any issues are dealt with by our own in house team of experts.