Monitoring Solution

We pride ourselves on not just delivering a great product, but a great support service too. 

Therefore we provide Hawkeye Monitoring System, built from the ground up to be both efficient and intelligent with the information it reports. Our solution provides the back bone to the systems that we deploy and the insight into which we can continue to develop even more advanced technologies for the future.


Our fully trained engineers are on-call to assist both the maintenance team and reception staff in any queries that may arise and to ensure the end user has full capacity at all times.

Guest Support

We know that 'High quality TV/Radio Services' are essential to a guest throughout their stay. With our real time monitoring service we can ensure we provide this service to all users with no or minimal interruptions.

Hotel Support

Advances in modern technology and our ever growing experience means we can offer a first-class support to our clients. A fully integrated remote monitoring system combined with our fully trained support team allows your guest to be able to enjoy the best possible service both ourselves and the hotel can offer.